Welcome to our online shop. We're a gourmet food and catering company out of Nairobi and Nanyuki, Kenya. We're open Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm. Sunday by appointment/order only. We work best with a 24-hour minimum notice as we prepare everything from fresh ingredients.

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Chicken Biriyani

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1.We require a minimum of a week lead-time and a 80% deposit once your order is confirmed. PLEASE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. The final payment is due ONE DAY before delivery.

3. Some of the ingredients are seasonal and may not be available. In this case we will notify you of a close substitute or discuss another option.

4. Allergen & dietary information must be disclosed on order and we will do our best to accommodate your needs (spiciness, dairy, nuts, shellfish, pork, celiac, vegan etc.)

5.Payments can be made to CBA Bank Account: Leah & Gibson, Acct #: 7512670013. Junction Branch. LIPA NA MPESA TILL NUMBER: 177619

6. Please sign the Contract and email back to info@ leahandgibson.com

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