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Our Story

Everyone loves a good love story especially for this Valentine Season, this one is about my grandparents Leah and Gibson.

They were students at the same teacher training college, Gibson had been there a while and had become fast friends with Leah's brother. He fell for her but couldn't work up the courage to court her. So he did what any self respecting gentleman of the time would do, he asked her brother for help. The courtship led to marriage,kids and interesting business ventures like the first restaurant in Embu that had a single item on the menu, fries with a side of ketchup.

Leah and Gibson ventured into commercial coffee farming, being among the first Africans to do so in 1957 when the colonial government allowed it. It's on their farm that I got my start though that realization would come to me much later. During my vacations from school, I picked coffee with my grandparents, sending it off to the factory where it was processed for export. My grandparents died having never tasted their own coffee, it was purely an export product back then.

Fast forward to 2013 after dabbling in employment, I decided to go out on my own and I went back to the thing that my grandparents had started long ago:coffee. I started packaging and selling my grandparents' coffee under the Leah & Gibson brand. As that gained momentum, I realized there was a huge market for pure unadulterated honey so I roped in my mum who farms honey bees and we started bottling her honey and selling it under the brand. Baking came next, when I was asked to bake a birthday cake. That first attempt was so successful that I added banana bread and cookies to the menu. The success of the bakery snowballed into cooked meals and catering. I started providing services of family sized meals to catering for large parties and weddings.

I cook out of my apartment kitchen while dreaming about moving into my very own industrial kitchen. I work with a great crew that helps turn my visions into edible, exquisite realities. I like all things gourmet and spend a considerable amount of time looking for the freshest and most delectable, hard to find ingredients. Everything I cook gels with my philosophy that good food is love because while eating is a necessity, it should be an enjoyable necessity. Also a necessity is a great tasting cocktail which I'm so good at making and drinking.

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